Hugo Benzing is one of the leading fastener manufacturers in the world. Over 100 billion locking elements, bent, and stamped parts have left our production facilities since our founding in 1933. Lined up, these precision parts would reach 20 times around the globe.

"Over the last 80 years, a lot has changed, but one thing hasn't: Our expectations."

Our customers come from every industry imaginable: the automobile industry and aerospace are represented just as well as the fine mechanical and electrical industries; anywhere something is moving anywhere in the world, there are almost always BENZING elements at work.

The highly modern main plant, with over 30,000 m² of space, is located in Korntal-Münchingen at the edge of Stuttgart, Germany. This central location proved best due to its being in the immediate vicinity of our customers in the automobile industry, including BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Getrag, Mahle, Porsche, ZF, not to mention the best-qualified employees that are essential in ensuring our company's continued compliance with high BENZING standards.

In the spirit of the founder of our company, we are continuously working on developing new technologies and products for our customers to pass on every possible technological progress to them.


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